Regain Bladder Control

Bladder control problems are sometimes taken for granted but they are not a normal thing. It is something that we can put to the back of our minds until the problem gets worse. So when you notice any leakage you should consult your doctor straight away. Before we go further I just want to point out that most bladder control problems can be controlled and treated.

Embarrassing problems have a way of spiralling out of control if you let them. You start with a comfort zone. If you stay within this area you can run back to the loo or you know where you can find one.

This can have a very negative affect on your life and stop you doing things with friends and family. If you have a bladder control problems then withdrawing from life is not an option. Unfortunately when have something like this we think of the worst case scenarios. So it is important for you to remember that there are many treatments available to help stop and improve bladder control problems.

So do not deny its existence, remember help is available and you will regain bladder control.

Using exercises for bladder control is one option you can try. We will put up articles on this separately but in essence it involves squeezing the pelvic floor muscles. Women may understand that better than men. For men think of the muscle you use when you wright your name in the snow!

This can help over time and strengthen the muscles that control your bladder emptying. You may want to keep an eye for any pattern and if you find one you can use it in the short term.

Sometimes it’s a matter of retraining your bladder just like a child would. This may sound odd but it helps latterly thousands of people each year. Used in conjunction with the pelvic muscle exercises you can start to see improvements over a short amount of time.

Using your mind, repetition and the exercises to strengthen the muscles around your bladder you may already be within reach of your goal. By practicing one or a combination of these treatments like this may take a little thought but they can rally work.

The options above may not work for you so we will supply other ways to regain bladder control. Remember different solution will work for different people.

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We can show you ways to regain bladder control no matter how bad it is.